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Here you will find information about the iBrewCoffee mobile app, as well as downloadable resources.


About iBrewCoffee

As coffee lovers, we need to know everything about the coffee beans we’re about to grind and brew. Keeping empty packages or writing down all the details on paper is OK - for a start. But after a certain point, it gets tricky to compare coffees or search for a coffee with a specific flavor profile.

And that’s where iBrewCoffee comes to the rescue! A coffee tasting journal where you can record all the details about coffee. From a coffee farm to your favorite roastery - from variety, region, processing - all the way to roast level, flavor profile and cupping score.

And as a bonus - save all your brewing recipes and print them out as a coffee journal or export them to Excel or CSV.

I’ve been developing the first version of iBrewCoffee for 13 months, at nights and over weekends. It’s been a challenging but very exciting journey so far. And now the app is finally here, ready for you to download and (hopefully) enjoy ❤️


App Name

iBrewCoffee - Coffee Journal

Short Description

Your personal coffee tasting journal. Save your specialty coffee and brewing recipes.

Full Description (store description)

Have you ever made a fantastic cup of your favorite coffee and forgot the exact brewing process? Not anymore. Your personal coffee journal is finally here!

iBrewCoffee lets you save specialty coffee beans, record all your brewing recipes, and export print-ready PDF so you can enjoy your coffee journal and share your brewing mastery with your friends.

Using the app is simple:

  1. Save a Product (bag of specialty coffee),
  2. record your Brews, experiment, rate, compare,
  3. export your Brews, print your journal, or share with friends!

When saving a Product, you can specify:

  • what roastery is the coffee from,
  • flavor profile,
  • roast level and roast date,
  • weight and price,
  • cupping score, batch/lot number,
  • name, website,
  • attach photos,
  • custom product info,
  • coffee origin country and region,
  • altitude, varietals, and processings,
  • harvest date, decaf method,
  • farm, wash station and producer,
  • create blends and specify blend ratio for each coffee.

There are over 3 000 roasteries, 2 000 coffee regions, 300 varietals, 300 flavor profiles, and 20 processings to choose from - or you can add your own.

When saving a Brew, you can specify:

  • brewing method,
  • custom equipment - grinder, filter, scale, kettle etc.,
  • grind setting,
  • coffee amount,
  • water amount,
  • temperature,
  • extraction time,
  • final Brew weight,
  • TDS,
  • tasting profile - aroma, sweetness, acidity, bitterness and body,
  • set overall rating of the Brew,
  • custom notes.

Brew ratio and extraction yield are calculated automatically!

There are 60 of the most popular brewing methods in the app - from Aeropress all the way to Woodneck. And you can crate your own Brewing methods!

Custom Brewing Equipment
You can save and manage your brewing equipment:

  • grinders - manual, automatic,
  • espresso machines - lever, automatic,
  • portafilter handles - single, double, triple, naked handle,
  • filters - various types and materials,
  • scales,
  • kettles - basic, gooseneck,
  • and other custom equipment.

PDF Export
Using the app, you can export your Products and Brews to PDF, print it out, and enjoy your coffee journal. You can export a Product with its Brews, a single Brew with its Product, or empty templates for filling out manually during a tasting or cupping.
You can use multiple layouts, such as a single page, 2 per page, or 4 per page. That way, you can have your Brews in A4 or A5 (2 pages per A4) format.

Excel and CSV Exports
Using the app, you can export your Brews and Products to Excel or CSV for your additional processing (charts, etc.).
You can export Brews from a single Product, all Brews or Brews created only in specified time range.

Smart Search
Searching through your Brews and Products is super easy and intuitive. You can search using most of the information you saved, such as a roastery, flavor profile, brewing method, coffee country, region, varietals, and more!

You can share your Brews with your friends or on your favorite social networks. Every Brew has a square share image format that you can easily upload to your social media channel.

Secure Cloud Backup and Device Sync
Subscribing for iBrewCoffee Premium unlocks automatic cloud backup and device sync, so you don’t have to worry about losing your Brews.

Download Resources

All resources, including app icon, logo and localized screenshots, are available for download here.